She is a Muse, Musician, Friend, Enemy, Teacher, Student, Mother, Daughter, Artist, Critic, Authentic, Fake, Activist, Pacifist, Divine, Human!
Amanda Palmer is a world-renowned singer, songwriter, activist, director, and blogger who first came to prominence as one half of the internationally acclaimed punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls. She is a fellow at the Berkman Institute for Internet & Society at Harvard University and has shown her underwear on Australian television. She currently avoids living in places including Boston, New York, and Melbourne with her husband, author Neil Gaiman, who is easily embarrassed. Palmer’s TED Talk, “The Art of Asking,” which she presented at a 2013 TED conference, has been viewed at least 8 million times around the world.

Why would I write about a Catholic girl who is married to a wealthy Jewish man (Writer Neil Gaiman of American Gods; Sandman et al. fame) in a Pagan magazine?
Because, soooo many people in the Pagan community LOVE this woman. She is the strong, independent, outcast archetype, that represents the personal journey of so many Pagans. Yet, she has enough mainstream cred to be successful in her own right. She lives the unified life that is the ideal of every Pagan. She is connected to nature and to her fans as her family. She realises that all life is a reciprocal act of giving. So she bears her soul and her body. She lives in an Adam’s Family style home. She is irreverent and spiritual … oh and she makes great music too! Now, she is here in Australia.
Amanda Palmer’s ‘THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION’ WORLD TOUR DOWN UNDER will be A NIGHT OF PIANO, PAIN & LAUGHTER. Palmer arrives on the cusp of a brand new decade to bring Woodford Folk Festival into 2020 over New Year’s Eve before heading south to Launceston to tackle an intense and unprecedented residency at MONA in January. As an ambassador for Adelaide Fringe in 2020, she’ll perform across two nights in Adelaide in February as well as headlining performances in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Darwin throughout the summer. ‘There Will Be No Intermission’ is a seated theatre experience that features Palmer performing solo on grand piano and ukulele without a back-up band. The show is a night of graphic, honest and funny storytelling that Palmer claims is her “most human and vulnerable stage-show to date”. Palmer’s show bares her soul, navigating through the raw and the hilarious. 
Palmer’s third solo LP has been entirely crowd-funded by over 15,000 patrons on Patreon, again!There Will Be No Intermission is the multi-faceted artist’s most powerful and personal collection to date, with songs that tackle the big questions: life, death, grief and how we make sense of it all. Wonderful Pagan themes! This one-of-a-kind artist has miraculously moulded humour, tears, confession, and naked personal pain into a matchless piece of work that could very well have been morose and gloomy but is, instead, deeply relatable, healing and inspiring. While the themes may be dark, the album’s overall sonic and lyrical mood is one of triumph in the face of life’s most ineffably shitty circumstances. Of this time in her life Palmer says:

“The last seven years have been a relentless parade of grief, joy, birth and death, and all of it has galvanised me to the core: as a writer, as a woman, as an artistic servant,… I also had no idea that my 15,000 patrons – who held my hand through this entire process – would have the profound effect on my songwriting that they did.”

Visit her website and blog at AmandaPalmer.net. You can listen to Amanda Palmer’s book “The Art of Asking.” on Audible .com.au
‘Drowning In The Sound’ film clip https://youtu.be/70ApTTyKpdg

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Tree of Life

The tree of life is a much older invention than the recent Jewish Kaballaistic version we are familiar with – It dates back 4000 years – It has 12-32 spheres of influence -3 internal 29 external not just the ten that occultists try to force all things to co-respond to – when they just don’t fit!!!

What are your thoughts???

A stylized tree with religious significance occurs as an art motif in 4th-millennium Mesopotamia, and, by the 2nd millennium B.C., it is found everywhere within the ancient Near Eastern provinces, including Egypt, Greece, and the Indus civilization.’ It appears that the concept of the Tree of Life actually existed in much earlier. Its importance for imperial ideology is borne out by its appearance on royal garments and jewelry, official seals, and the wall paintings and sculptures of royal palaces these ancient diagrams do appear to fit better with the Vedic subsystem of Tattwas which has 32 in several traditions.
Essentially, the ancient Assyrian images of it consists of a trunk with a crown standing on a stone base and surrounded by a network of horizontal or intersecting lines fringed with spheres. Animal, human, or supernatural figures usually flank the tree, while a winged disk hovers over the whole.

The Yogic Tree of Life – Linda Johnsen

Most people believe that the tree of life grows from the ground up, but yogis talk about a tree that grows upside down.

“There is an eternal tree called the Ashvattha, which has its roots above and its branches below,” says the Katha Upanishad, (Very Fludd as were were discussing) a yogic text which unveils the secrets of death. The yoga masters, the shamans of Siberia, the Persian priests, the ancient Celts, and even the Vikings knew this tree well.

The oldest reference to the Ashvattha I can find appears in the Rig Veda, 5,000 years ago:
“What is that tree, what kind of wood is it made from, from which the Earth and Heaven are fashioned?”
India’s ancient sages literally placed the tree in the sky. Go out at night and look up at Scorpio, near where the ecliptic (the path of the sun and planets) crosses the Milky Way. There you’ll find a small constellation in the tail of the celestial scorpion which the yogis call Mula, “the root.” This is the root in heaven out of which the World Tree grows. It happens to also mark the Galactic Center, a rather surprising coincidence if you believe in coincidences!
If you follow the spray of stars backward through the zodiac you’ll see the Ashvattha’s trunk growing through Scorpio, its limbs branching out in Libra (the Indian constellation Vishakha here means “forked branches”), and fruit growing on its branches in Leo and Virgo (the Indian constellation here called Phalguni means “fruit of the tree”). The ancient sages placed a young woman here named Kanya (our Virgo). With one hand (our constellation Corvus is called Hasta, “hand,” in India) she’s reaching for the fruit. And there entwined in the tree next to her is a long snake we call the constellation Hydra, which the ancient Indians called Ashlesha, “king of the serpents.” According to Indian legend, no one is allowed to eat the fruit of this tree except the yogis—only they can handle its awesome power.

The ancient Indo-Iranians claimed there isn’t just one tree in the sky: there are two. One tree has golden fruit, the other silver. Do these remind you of the biblical Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, from which the snake tempted Eve to eat?
We know from drawings on clay tablets discovered in Mohenjo-Daro (an archeological site in Pakistan) that the Ashvattha tree was revered in India more than a thousand years before the oldest parts of the Bible were composed. The ancient Assyrians have also left us images of the goddess Ishtar (Virgo) standing on a lion (Leo) beside the World Tree. Myths about these constellations were probably the original source of the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Eve reaches for the yellow fruit of the tree that lies along the ecliptic. In India the ecliptic, marked by twelve signs of the zodiac called the Adityas in yogic literature, represents samsara, the wheel of death and rebirth on which Adam and Eve become caught when they eat of the fruit.

In the Norse myths I grew up with there are three gardeners who look after the tree. The first is an elderly woman named Urd who knows the past, the second a young woman named Verdandi who knows the present, and the last a little girl named Skuld who knows the future. These three figures were known in India too. There Skuld is called Rohini, an innocent young girl associated with the star Aldebaran in Taurus. Verdandi, the young woman, is called Chitra in India, though she’s known to Western astronomers as the star Spica in Virgo. Urd, the terrifying old woman whom the Vikings believed controls our destiny, is Antares in Scorpio, a brilliant red star the Indians call Jyeshtha. These three stars, positioned nearly equal distances from each other, are traditional markers for three of the four quarters of the sky.

From a point of complete stillness, our inner Spirit observes everything going on around us, just like a motionless axle in a spinning wheel.

In the most important of all ancient Indian rituals, the Horse Sacrifice, three women representing these very stars lay their hands on the horse at the climax of the rite. The connection with the horse ritual is especially interesting because Ashvattha, the yogis’ name for the World Tree, actually means “where the horse is stationed.” The horse in the sky is of course the constellation Pegasus, called Dadhikras in Sanskrit, that marks the fourth quarter of the sky. Pegasus eternally gallops around the North Celestial Pole. The Pole is the one point in the northern sky that never moves. Everything else in heaven revolves around it. It represents the Spirit, which lies outside time and change. From a point of complete stillness, our inner Spirit observes everything going on around us, just like a motionless axle in a spinning wheel.

The North Celestial Pole is the second tree, standing at a right angle to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which circles the ecliptic. The silver fruit of this northern tree is the source of soma, the famous yogic nectar of immortality. This is the Tree of Life, of which Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat. The Katha Upanishad hints at this plainly enough:
“There is an eternal tree called the Ashvattha, which has its roots above and its branches below. Its luminous root is called Brahman, the Supreme Reality, and it alone is beyond death. Everything that exists is rooted in that point. There is nothing else beyond it.” The Upanishad encourages us to find the still point—the luminous root of the Ashvattha tree—in ourselves. But how exactly do we do that? In yoga, the horse symbolizes prana, the breath of life. The breath is yoked to our mind the way Pegasus is yoked to the North Star. In most of us the breath cycles around and around, like Pegasus endlessly circling the sky. But yogis know how to slow and finally stop the breath, merging their awareness in the unmoving center of their being. This is the state of samadhi, the deepest level of meditation.

In deep meditation you can begin to climb the tree through the chakra pathways. The Ashvattha inside you is your spine. We call the muladhara chakra at the bottom of the spine the root chakra, but the mystical root is actually at the top of your head in the sahasrara chakra, the center where divine consciousness resides. It is awakened when we stop reaching for the fruit outside ourselves and turn our attention within. Then the serpent of kundalini, the power of consciousness, begins to move up subtle circuits, corresponding to the spine, toward the top of the head. Legends about the World Tree from India to Scandinavia agree there’s an eagle near the top of the tree that the snake is trying to reach. The eagle is the ajña chakra, the center of consciousness behind the midpoint of the eyebrows. When the snake passes the eagle and reaches the very top of the tree of our psychic nervous system, enlightenment can occur.

In deep meditation you can begin to climb the tree. 
The Ashvattha inside you is your spine.

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna, the greatest of yogis, says that of all trees, divine awareness is most fully present in the Ashvattha. Another sacred text, the Bhagavata Purana, relates that at the time of his death Krishna withdrew his awareness into his inner being and contemplated the Ashvattha tree. We will have achieved something extraordinary in our yoga practice if, as we die, we also turn our full attention to the heavenly root of the Asvattha inside us.

Issue 8 Ready to Print!

She DMontford has been working tirelessly on the long anticipated Issue 8 of Magick Magazine. This is our biggest issue yet with a massive 72 pages! Our theme for this mag is ‘Protection’. If you attended The Gathering, The Witches’ Market, Fairytopia or The Witches’ Ball, you might even find a picture of yourself inside our high quality glossy full colour pages! Angela Roberts from Sensory Energies explains what Dragons Blood is and how to use it for protecting your home. Pyrographists Robyn Joy Blackford shows off her unusual artform, and our friends from the Rosicrucian Order tell us about Mental Poisoning & Black Magic. These are just a few of the amazing articles coming in this issue. We have a mix of humour, information and controversy, spells to cast, causes to get involved with, and the continuation of the Erotic Pagan Fiction by DD Scarlet, all of this and we have hardly touched the surface! Once Magick Magazine issue 8 has been printed I will let you know how to order it.

Bright Blessings, Joolz.

Allow Paganism to become a Recognised Denomination in Australia – Sign the Petition!

These Beautiful Ceremonies Could Become a Thing of the Past – Again!

I am a “Religious” Pagan marriage celebrant.
I am the “last” legal religious Pagan celebrant” in Australia.
Our government has deemed all celebrants, civil, unless they are from a registered religion, which I am. However, they will not allow any other celebrants to become “religious Pagan” unless Paganism becomes a registered denomination. Sadly, even though there are many registered Pagan churches and groups ready to band together to become a denomination,  the Attorney General’s Department is not allowing our application for an umbrella Pagan religious denomination to go through. Thirty-six Pagan religious organisations have banded together to do this. Yet , the Australian Attorney-General’s Department’s reason for the denial is because “They” don’t consider Paganism to be an organized religion.

So, an arbitrary decision has been made, a judgment call, by someone with opposing religious views, hidden behind a desk somewhere, to limit your religious freedom. This decision affects every Australian and Pagan, all around the world. You have to tell them that is not acceptable. Say “NO” loudly and clearly. Otherwise, in the near future we may not be able to hold beautiful ceremonies like this, legally, any more – https://youtu.be/GsQALE_Te1I and we will have moved back one step closer to the dark ages and a return to the witch hunts.

It would be wonderful if we all could show support for religious freedom, of a group that has no dogma, empowering, honors the individual, follows an nature based belief system, that is highly ethical, has no extremist history and that hurts no one. In fact, during the recent  ‘Royal Commission into Victimization by Religious Organizations’ there were “zero” complains lodged against any Pagan group or organization. Yet what we do is hold beautiful and meaningful ceremonies like this  handfasting.

Please show your support for what Australia could loose if Pagan Religious celebrants become extinct with my demise.

Please demand that our religious freedoms be upheld by signing this petition.
Thank you and Every Bright Blessing to you,
Reverend. Dr S. D’Montford (D.D. HPs)

Click Here to Sign the Petitions

Witches Ball 2018

2018 YULE Witches Masquerade Ball. 
Witches gathered from all over Australia to share the abundance of what life has offered us and give hope for the future, as this marks the moment the Goddess gives birth to the SUN God. Everyone took part in a magical ritual on …

Read more in this issue of Magick Magazine No 8 http://www.magick.org.au

NEXT EVENT 2019 THE AWAKENING Imbolc Brisbane Witches Masquerade Ball Come join us at the Annual Brisbane Witches Masquerade Ball August 3rd 2019, Hosted by Mystic Realms

A video from the 2017 Witches Ball

See you at the next Witch’s Ball In August

Sun Energy Melts Rock

2 square metres of sunlight will melt anything on this planet and release more energy than a coal burning power station – YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS
Melting a Stone With Sunlight – Metal being melted under sunlight

The Magickal Art of David Bowie

David The Lion – Self Portrait

See the Art of David Bowie in the next Magick Magazine

Magick Magazine pays tribute to a great 21st C Magickan by celebrating his creativity!

German Expressionism

David Bowie paintings show a knowledgeable approach to art, influenced by Frank Auerbach, David Bomberg, Francis Bacon, Francis Picabia… Bowie, had an affinity for German Expressionist art that pre-dated his residence in Berlin. His art shows passion and great sensitivity.

You aren’t dead as long as somebody is thinking about you.”

Bertolt Brecht

Bringing the Magick Back!

It feels like forever since Magick Magazine had its last print. Issue 7 came out for the Winter 2017, and for a while it looked like it was going to be our last edition. 7 might be a lucky number for some, but even though the finished product was excellent in quality and content, behind the scenes, the production and distribution of our magazine was plagued with problems.
While Magick Magazine remained a passion for Editor in Chief Shé DMontford, her busy life took her in different directions away from her beloved magazine. Our dedicated subscribers and online readers however were not so keen to see the last of their favourite magazine and began petition Shé as to when issue 8 would be published.
It was around this time that Shé reconnected with her awesome, talented, good looking and fun to be around friend from primary school, Joolz (coincidentally also the author of this blog!). Together Shé and Joolz hatched a plan to share the tasks, and bring the Magick Back!

I am so excited to announce that issue 8 is being created as I write this and it is going to be a corker! Amazing interviews, photos from this years events (you might even find yourself in there!), spells, information, competitions and so much more. Thank you for your patience in waiting for this one. I assure you, it will be worth the wait.
Bright Blessings,

Fiona Horn is our Next Cover Girl

Magick 8 Cover Dec 2018

Issue 8 Is coming and, as you can see it is HOT

Find out what Fiona Horn, still looking divine at 53, has been up to and how magick has shaped her life. here’s a taser of the interview:

“My first aid mission that I coordinated and flew was February 2017 ….When I saw these kids (in need), it was like a light bulb went on in my brain and I ‘prayed’ to ‘my idea of God/dess’ and asked – ‘Please help me grasp the knowledge and skills necessary to fly and I will donate my time and skill to aid work to help children and families like these.’ And suddenly, I could remember all the airspace rules, regulations and V speeds and flows and maneuvers and aircraft systems, and comprehend and use the information safely and effectively…. The magick I practice now is a way of life, a way of identifying how to be of service, and how to be the best version of myself so that I can be useful in the world. …I suggest to people that the way to make your ‘spells work 100% of the time’ is to identify how they can serve others. “

…..and there is so much more

Over the next few weeks we will be giving you teasers of the articles you will be able to expect in the next issue-
Remember share the magick with your friends and stay tuned for more

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