She is a Muse, Musician, Friend, Enemy, Teacher, Student, Mother, Daughter, Artist, Critic, Authentic, Fake, Activist, Pacifist, Divine, Human!
Amanda Palmer is a world-renowned singer, songwriter, activist, director, and blogger who first came to prominence as one half of the internationally acclaimed punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls. She is a fellow at the Berkman Institute for Internet & Society at Harvard University and has shown her underwear on Australian television. She currently avoids living in places including Boston, New York, and Melbourne with her husband, author Neil Gaiman, who is easily embarrassed. Palmer’s TED Talk, “The Art of Asking,” which she presented at a 2013 TED conference, has been viewed at least 8 million times around the world.

Why would I write about a Catholic girl who is married to a wealthy Jewish man (Writer Neil Gaiman of American Gods; Sandman et al. fame) in a Pagan magazine?
Because, soooo many people in the Pagan community LOVE this woman. She is the strong, independent, outcast archetype, that represents the personal journey of so many Pagans. Yet, she has enough mainstream cred to be successful in her own right. She lives the unified life that is the ideal of every Pagan. She is connected to nature and to her fans as her family. She realises that all life is a reciprocal act of giving. So she bears her soul and her body. She lives in an Adam’s Family style home. She is irreverent and spiritual … oh and she makes great music too! Now, she is here in Australia.
Amanda Palmer’s ‘THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION’ WORLD TOUR DOWN UNDER will be A NIGHT OF PIANO, PAIN & LAUGHTER. Palmer arrives on the cusp of a brand new decade to bring Woodford Folk Festival into 2020 over New Year’s Eve before heading south to Launceston to tackle an intense and unprecedented residency at MONA in January. As an ambassador for Adelaide Fringe in 2020, she’ll perform across two nights in Adelaide in February as well as headlining performances in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Darwin throughout the summer. ‘There Will Be No Intermission’ is a seated theatre experience that features Palmer performing solo on grand piano and ukulele without a back-up band. The show is a night of graphic, honest and funny storytelling that Palmer claims is her “most human and vulnerable stage-show to date”. Palmer’s show bares her soul, navigating through the raw and the hilarious. 
Palmer’s third solo LP has been entirely crowd-funded by over 15,000 patrons on Patreon, again!There Will Be No Intermission is the multi-faceted artist’s most powerful and personal collection to date, with songs that tackle the big questions: life, death, grief and how we make sense of it all. Wonderful Pagan themes! This one-of-a-kind artist has miraculously moulded humour, tears, confession, and naked personal pain into a matchless piece of work that could very well have been morose and gloomy but is, instead, deeply relatable, healing and inspiring. While the themes may be dark, the album’s overall sonic and lyrical mood is one of triumph in the face of life’s most ineffably shitty circumstances. Of this time in her life Palmer says:

“The last seven years have been a relentless parade of grief, joy, birth and death, and all of it has galvanised me to the core: as a writer, as a woman, as an artistic servant,… I also had no idea that my 15,000 patrons – who held my hand through this entire process – would have the profound effect on my songwriting that they did.”

Visit her website and blog at AmandaPalmer.net. You can listen to Amanda Palmer’s book “The Art of Asking.” on Audible .com.au
‘Drowning In The Sound’ film clip https://youtu.be/70ApTTyKpdg

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